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How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

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Washing & Brushing Guide

  • Avoid over-washing your hair extensions - what is the ideal frequency: We suggest once or twice a week.

  • Always brush your hair before getting into the shower to avoid tangling or matting.

  • Detergents are not your friend.  Opt for a SULFATE FREE SHAMPOO recommended by your Stylist to prolong longevity of extensions and hair color.  

  • Thoroughly cleanse in between wefts as well as completely rinse any excess conditioner.

  • Use a lightweight detangler & heat protectant after washing.

  • We also suggest that during winter months you consider using a very lightweight hair oil or serum 2-3 times a w3eek on your ends to lock in moisture.

  • When you're done showering, squeeze your hair dry (don't rub) and hydrate your hair with a leave-in conditioner.  We recommend putting your hair in a towel turban to help soak up any excess water.

  • When brushing, pinch your hair like a ponytail and brush from the bottom up.

  • It's extremely important to brush through your hair multiple times a day to avoid matting and knots.

  • Brush each row individually, starting mid-way and making your way to the top of the weft.

  • To maintain optimal hair health, we advise periodically using a clarifying shampoo every 4-6 weeks.  This deep-cleansing treatment removes any product buildup, deposits, or impurities that can dry out the hair.  The result?  Fresh, revitalized strands that are ready to shine.

Styling & Maintenance Guide

  • Rough dry your hair with your hands to get the majority of the water out.  When your hair is about 85% dry, you can use a round brush to help smooth it out.

  • We highly recommend using HEAT PROTECANT, recommended by your Stylist.

    • Place it on your hand first and run it through the ends of your hair to keep it hydrated and nourished, avoiding the root.​

  • Avoid hair masks, high protein products, and Moroccan oils as these products will cause protein buildup on the scalp and change the color of the extensions, adding warmth to the hair (especially blondes).

  • Avoid round brushes and bristles with balls on the ends, as they can cause hair strands to stretch, break, and tangle. Opt for gentle styling tools that respect the integrity of your extensions.

  • Avoid using heavy oils and silicones that can weigh down the hair, causing it to appear dull, dry, and tangled. Instead, opt for premium products with nourishing properties that won’t strip away moisture.

SLEEPING W/ EXTENSIONS GUIDE: Here are some of our hair care tips and tricks for sleeping with extensions:

  • Never go to sleep with wet hair! This will cause damage and matting.

  • Put your hair in a loose braid, scrunchie, or silk turban while you sleep to keep your extensions healthy.

  • Use a satin pillowcase to preserve the longevity of your extensions.

SWIMMING WITH EXTENSIONS GUIDE: Here are come of our hair care tips and tricks for swimming with extensions:

  • Yes, you can get your extensions wet!

  • Mineral sunscreen is a must-have for anyone with hair extensions. Avoid chemical sunscreens containing Avobenzone and Octocrylene, which can cause discoloration and a pinkish tone. Mineral sunscreen lacks these harmful ingredients and won’t affect your extensions, providing essential protection against sun damage.

  • Before getting into the pool or ocean, wet your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner. There are often minerals found in bodies of water that can react poorly with your extensions, causing dryness and discoloration.

  • If you swim regularly, wear a swim cap to protect your extensions.

  • Keep your hair off your face and neck by putting it in a ponytail, bun, or braid. Rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water immediately after swimming to remove any chlorine or saltwater residue.

  • Brush each row individually before and after swimming to prevent matting and tangling.

  • Keep your natural hair and extensions healthy and hydrated by using leave-in conditioners, hydrating balms, and hair oils to prevent your natural hair and the extensions from drying out and becoming discolored from the sun.


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